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About US

We are an Outdoor TV Program that will go wherever and HUNT or FISH whatever. For us Work Hard, Hunt Harder is our livelihood. Just as most of us, we “Work Hard” to support our families and provide a security blanket for our children and love ones for a better future. We “Hunt Harder” as we specialize in hunting mature bucks throughout the country in fair chase of whitetails, hogs and other game including sport fishing. Our pro staff team is made up of top notch hunters who all work hard for a living, and their passion for the outdoors is what makes them no different than most of our viewers. Real hunters with modest income can chase their dreams of harvesting a big mature buck or hooking up with a largemouth bass or a black fin tuna. Follow us into the wild to see why we “Work Hard” and “Hunt Harder”!


We make sure that our Sponsors' products will be featured in the field, and through the use of logo apparel. Our commitment to integrating our sponsors into the show helps promote their products and brand, as well as enabling our sponsors to receive more effective onscreen visibility. We will conduct educational breakdown of products on special segments and will also highlight a product to back that particular hunt or job. Viewers will know quickly about the value of your product and how it pertains to our jobs, hunts, our trips and everyday use.


As Sponsors, viewers will see the Mass Pursuit TV Pro Staff successfully using their products and endorsing them on-air. Efforts will be made to integrate sponsor products as long as it does not detract from show content.

IMG_6108 Keith taking pics of elk at RF_Sponsor.HEIC


Wilbur "Spanish mac" ramos


keith rogers
Main Crew
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