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Jason Joins The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast

It won't take you long to figure out that we like to have fun over on The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast. Sure, we love talking seriously from time to time and providing our listening audience with valuable information, but there's nothing like a good time. We like to think that we have a good mix of fun and information, but we probably have never had as much fun doing a show as we did when MPTV's very own Jason Norris joined the podcast.

Jason has made appearances on AO Podcasts #2 and #10 prior to his debut in our new format of the show, which we appropriately call 'Shooting the Breeze'. A free-for-all format that allows us to cover anything and everything with a humorous and easy-going feel. Basically your prototypical deer or turkey camp environment. So we knew it was going to be a dandy when Jason dropped through.

The result was a 2-hour and 12-minute podcast that covered everything and then some. Literally everything from discussion on the current happenings in the outdoors, current events at MTPV, looking ahead to spring turkey season, sports talk, and plenty of reminiscing and joking. We definitely had our fair share of fun!

The beauty of the AO Podcast lies within the flexibility it gives the listener, and you will definitely need it with a show this lengthy. Download it and take a walk, put it on the smart TV for a lazy afternoon, or plug it into your stereo on a long drive. If you're looking for 2-hours of entertainment, we have you covered. Just check out the options below.

Hey, you can even take a listen right here at by engaging the player below!

If you're more into watching some good-looking guys (wink-wink) as they talk it out, go ahead and engage the simulcast version of the show via the YouTube player below!

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