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The Final Countdown | Deer Hunting

Cue Europe's famous hit and get ready, because it's officially the final countdown. Deer season is ticking to a close in most states and provinces across North America. In fact, many seasons are closed until the insanely distant but upcoming fall of 2019. Let us have a moment of silence for those who will be waiting until September or October to climb back up a tree again.

For those of us who still have a small window of opportunity, it's now or never. You can continue preparing that tag sandwich or you can put something together during this final countdown phase of the season. There are obviously going to be a lot of factors out of our control, especially at this juncture. The late-season is tough. Nonetheless, the opportunity for success is out there. Let us tell you why.


Just as the final countdown is approaching, the weather is getting proper for the late-season. After weeks of mild weather, rain and mud, most of the U.S. is experiencing a major chill. Heavy snow and cold temps have slammed a large swath of the Midwest. We're talking about single-digit temperatures in some areas, and even negative windchills. That sounds like an absolute disaster if you're traveling or living a day-to-day life, but it should perk your ears if you're a hunter. Why? Cold temps and snow are proven deer movers. We're officially in the move-or-die portion of the season. Deer absolutely have to leave their beds to find food, which brings us to another point.

Slaves to their Stomachs

Let's face it, nobody enjoys sitting out there in a foot of snow and single-digit temps. We do it because we know just how powerful those nasty conditions can be when it comes to putting deer on their feet. Regardless of where you are hunting, deer become slaves to their stomachs when Old Man Winter hits hard. That means we can really focus our hunting efforts over whatever food source happens to be the premium in our neck of the woods. In some areas that may be a soybean or cut corn field. Other places you may have to throw out a bag of corn or attractant. What the deer are eating matters less than the fact that they simply have to eat. Find the food and you can fill a tag during the final countdown.

Aggressive Approach

At this point in the game, it's time to draw up your best Hail Mary. I'm not advising that you do something crazy, but I am telling you that it's time to throw that abundance of caution to the wind. Especially if you can put a pattern on a weary old buck. Do whatever it takes to put an arrow or a slug in that deer. If you fall short, there will be months of solitude ahead in which that hunting pressure should disappear. Unlike the early-season, we're not worried about what lies ahead. Hunt hard and try to make all of your effort pay off. There is no sense in walking on eggshells and worrying about hunting pressure. If you are on deer, hunt hard until you draw blood. It's simple.

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