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MPTV Welcomes New Sponsors

With a new year comes new opportunities for great partnerships and products here at Mass Pursuit TV. We're proud to bring two of our newest friends your way. Let's introduce you to iTarget Pro and Spencer Gear, LLC.!

Let's make this as simple as it needs to be. If you're a gun enthusiast, target shooter, CCW holder, hunter or anyone who remotely enjoys pulling a trigger, you need iTarget Pro. We were absolutely blown away by this product, and that's exactly why we are teaming up with them.

iTarget Pro merges real-world shooting practice with modern tech. You simply purchase their target unit and a caliber-specific laser that fits right into the bore of your favorite gun. Anything from a .380 pistol to a .223 REM AR-15 and just about every caliber in between. Once you download the iTarget Pro app onto your smartphone, you can begin virtual shooting with real results. Your laser hits are marked directly to the screen of your phone, giving you instant results just as if you were on the range shooting live rounds at paper. A perfect system for taking your dry-fire practice indoors to another level, or for some simple indoor family fun.

We came across the good folks of Spencer Gear, LLC. at the 2019 ATA Show in Louisville, KY back in early January. Their Stand Guard silhouette product was one of the more eye-catching things featured in the hot Innovation Zone. It was a simple yet profound product that was easy to relate to, and that's why so many people were drawn to it.

Spencer Gear is a family-owned and operated company out of Cleveland, Ohio. They are real deal hunters who saw a simple fix for a common problem. That being the problem of deer getting used to an empty treestand in the woods but flipping out once a hunter is sitting in it. That's where the Stand Guard treestand decoy comes in. It's a lightweight human silhouette decoy that you suspend above your stand for all of those hours and days when you can't be there. Conditioning the deer to the presence of a human figure with ease.

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