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2019 ATA Show: The Top Products from Partners of Mass Pursuit TV

The 2019 ATA Show is officially one week in the rearview mirror. That feels like it should be hard to believe, but here we are. We observed so many cool products that it has been a challenge to narrow everything down. With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of products on the show floor, it's easy to see why.

Nonetheless, we had the chance to get up close and personal with some products more than others. Thanks in large part to the great partners and sponsors of Mass Pursuit TV. Some being household names in the outdoor industry and others being up-and-comers. All giving us an inside look at the latest and greatest for 2019.

Thus, it's only right if we highlight those new products and bring them your way. Without further delay, let's dig in on some of our favorite products from MPTV partners as seen at the 2019 ATA Show.

2019 Mathews Vertix

If we're going to start with one product from the Archery Trade Association's Trade Show, we should probably kick it off with a bow. It also helps that the 2019 Mathews Vertix will be in the running for the top bow of the year. As is always the case with a new release from Mathews. The new Vertix is revolutionary in the fact that it allows the user to switch between draw weights ranging from 60 to 75 pounds. Rather than ramble on, let's have our buddy Mark from Mathews explain the new Vertix. Click HERE to check it out.

QAD UltraRest Integrate MX

We absolutely could not mention Mathews without including our friends over at Quality Archery Designs. If you're going all-out and picking up a new Vertix this year, you simply cannot select another arrow rest. QAD has long been the leader in rests with their UltraRest line, but they took it to another level this year. Their new Integrate MX was designed specifically for the Mathews Vertix. It literally morphs into the bow for the most compact and precise arrow rest setup we have ever seen. We caught up with Bailey from QAD to discuss the ins and outs of the new design, and you can catch that by clicking HERE.

BuckBaits Scents and Lures

One of the hottest booths in the Innovation Zone at the 2019 ATA Show was undoubtedly that of our friends over at BuckBaits. With an incredible array of fresh scents and attractants, BuckBaits is one of the rising stars in the scent sector of the outdoor industry. They hold the ATA's stamp of approval for combatting CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease). Furthermore, they bottle fresh and guarantee peak estrogen levels in their #1 selling Estrus Max deer urine. Not to mention the fact that BuckBaits carries a full lineup of attractants outside of the whitetail realm, including cover scents and other species. Oh, and they also produce some incredible coffee- Deer Camp Coffee, calls, and other accessories.

Great Day Inc. Accessories

What don't they have at Great Day Inc.? That would honestly be the easier topic to cover, because the Meeks family literally does it all. Great Day manufactures a seemingly endless lineup of accessories for ATVs, UTVs, tractors and boats. They also produce a lineup of hunting accessories. A literal one-stop-shop for outdoorsmen. Two products really caught our eye while dropping by the Great Day booth. One being the Quick-Draw Bowfishing Rack, which will be a must-have for those of you sticking fish on the water this summer. The other being the Powerloader, which makes loading your harvest as simple and easy as could be. Just let your UTV winch do the work as the Powerloader secures and lifts your load. To be as simple and to-the-point as possible, you need to check out the full lineup of Great Day products if you utilize a truck, tractor, ATV or UTV for your outdoor lifestyle.

Hunter Safety System Pro Series Harness

If you are a treestand hunter, there is no piece of equipment in your possession more important than your safety harness. Plain and simple. Each season we hear of hunters being seriously injured or even killed due to a treestand accident. The folks over at Hunter Safety System have been combatting this issue for years as the leader in the harness industry. Constantly innovating to make wearing a harness as comfortable and second-nature as possible. They may have outdone themselves in 2019. The new HSS Pro Series harness represents the top of the class in safety and utility. The new Pro Series harness comes with a ton of pocket space, ElimiShield scent control technology, and a USB charging port. Yes, a USB charging port that can be connected to a battery pack. The innovators over at HSS have transformed what used to be a burden and turned it into a true asset for treestand hunters. Saving lives and turning a harness into a useful piece of hunting gear. The Pro Series will hit store shelves at just $139.95.

Otterbox Yampa Dry Bags

Yes, the new Otterbox Yampa dry bags are Jason Norris approved as a ground blind chair. They also double as waterproof dry duffles that can help you to take your most important pieces of gear to Hell and back. You already know how much we love the cooler lineup from Otterbox, so the new Yampa dry bags really caught our collective eye. Even more so when Ryan from Otterbox gave us the rundown, which you can watch by clicking HERE.

Swhacker's New 261 Broadhead

Swhacker's new 261 broadhead (pictured left) is going to be a smash-hit on the broadhead market this season. Designed by world renowned archer and hunter Levi Morgan, the 261 has everything we know and love about Swhacker broadheads with subtle improvements. The new swept-back blade design is intended to cut back on resistance and promote deeper penetration. The 261 will knock 2-inch holes with pass-through potential on just about every shot.

Spot Hogg's Fast Eddie XL with MRT Pin Guard

Spot Hogg has been a leader in archery sights for quite some time. Their Fast Eddie model is a true fan-favorite when it comes to single-pin dial sights. The XL model takes things to the next level. Spot Hogg also debuted their new MRT Pin Guard technology, which provides superior peep-to-sight alignment. Taking archery accuracy to the next level.

Out On a Limb Manufacturing Tree Arms

Anyone who has ever attempted to film out of a treestand knows just how hard it can be. Thanks to the good folks over at Out On A Limb Mfg., the job is a lot easier nowadays. With a full lineup of tree arms to help you steady the shot, great footage is easy to obtain. Click here to check out our conversation with Matt explaining some new products and features from Out On A Limb.

An Up-and-Comer: Spencer Gear's Stand-Guard

We have to include one cool product that we stumbled upon during the show, and that is going to be the Spencer Gear, LLC. Stand-Guard. The Stand-Guard is intended to replicate a human silhouette to condition your local deer herd to an occupied treestand or hunting blind. It can also double as a theft and trespassing prevention measure. Making deer or humans think that a hunter is on stand. All hunters know just how adverse a reaction we can get when deer go from seeing an empty stand to an occupied stand. Spencer Gear thought outside of the box to help curb that reaction.

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