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  • Chris Campanelli

The Load-Out: 2019 ATA Show

Things have been pretty quiet around these parts of late, and that's because we have been on the road at the 2019 ATA Trade Show. Spending 8-9 hours on the showroom floor, strategizing over dinner, and doing it all again at 7 a.m. sharp the next morning. The ATA Show is hectic and fast-paced.

But now we're back and settling in, which means that it's time to dump some content on you guys. We definitely obtained plenty of it during our 3-day assault on the show. Thanks to some great sponsors of Mass Pursuit TV, we got in-depth with several of the best brands in the outdoor industry. Several of those interviews have already been posted to MPTV and Affiliated Outdoors social media outlets. Nonetheless, we will have even more coming at you in due time.

There was certainly no shortage of products and people. The ATA Show is so massive that it actually feels like 3 different shows going on in one place. So massive that it feels nearly impossible to see everything at the show, and I am certain that we didn't see it all. I'm not sure that anyone who attended could honestly say they saw it all.

We called it bowhunting heaven several times during our social media coverage of the show, and that's probably an accurate term. The visual overload is incredible. You have to do no more than glance in any direction to put your eyes on something cool or intriguing. If it has anything to do with hunting and the outdoors, it was on the floor at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The same can be said of the personalities in attendance. It seemed as if anyone with a product, TV show, or a simple interest in the outdoors was in attendance. Keep in mind that the ATA Show is only open to credentialed attendees.

We could go on for days about how epic a spectacle the show truly was, but that probably doesn't do much for you. In the end, the outdoor industry revolves around the people who weren't in attendance at the ATA Show. Without the average consumers who purchase the billions of dollars in gear and hit the field religiously every weekend, it wouldn't mean a thing. None of the TV stars would be known, the industry wouldn't thrive, and there would be no ATA Show. It's that simple.

At the end of the day, it's about you. It's all about sharing our passion for the outdoors and preserving the time-honored traditions. Great products are here to make it better, and there are definitely a ton of cool products out there that can help. But we all know that there is so much more to it.

It's clear that the outdoor lifestyle is alive and well, and we should rejoice in that as we embark upon a new year. Thousands of products, millions of people, and a billion-dollar industry. The ATA Show puts the strength of the outdoor lifestyle on display, and we should be thankful for that. We need to support those products and people in order to ensure that our lifestyle continues to thrive.

As we work feverishly to extract the best content from all of the fun over the last week, we just wanted to share a quick highlight clip that illustrates the spectacle that was. We're working on putting together product spotlight articles, videos, podcasts and more. Until then, here's a salute to ATA 2019!

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