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Video: Jason Hunts for Thanksgiving Turkey

With deer movement very slow and sporadic, Mass Pursuit TV’s Jason Norris attempted to take full advantage of our large wild turkey population during the last hours of our mid-October deer hunt. The mission quickly shifted from doe management or a trophy buck to a hen turkey, at least for a second.

Ohio’s fall turkey hunting season opened up way back on October 13th, and hens are fair game during the fall season. You can harvest a single turkey of either sex, so we were simply taken what was given to us. That being a flock of 5 hens rolling right into bow range.

We have a massive hen population on the farm. We’re talking about droves of hens numbering upwards of 20 turkeys per flock. It’s not that harvesting one would do much to balance the flock, but it would do something for Thanksgiving dinner. Who wouldn’t want some fresh turkey breast on the table?

Jason decided to take a crack with his brand-new Mathews Triax. The result will leave the turkey platter vacant on Thanksgiving day, but it’s no wonder. Jason had to take a last-second shot at about 40 yards. A highly difficult shot on a small and moving hen turkey. Nonetheless, it was a fun and light experience that broke up the monotony of a slow deer hunt.

We even had a little fun with Jason in the editing room and decided to add some music and fast-motion to his arrow recovery! It’s not always a serious matter when we’re out trying to lay down awesome film, as is evidenced by this video.

Sometimes you have to keep things light, take what is given to you, and make the most of it. Luckily, Jason is great at doing all of that. And if we’re looking on the bright side, Jason has plenty of time to replace that turkey with fresh venison for the Thanksgiving table.

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