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Braggin' Board: A Bear for the Boss Man

MPTV COO & Co-Host Jason Norris is officially on the board for the 2018-19 hunting season with a beautiful Tennessee black bear!

As usual, Jason was doing something special for somebody else. Helping a terminally ill veteran enjoy the bear hunt of a lifetime, and documenting the entire adventure on camera. That's just business as usual for Jason.

When the opportunity arose for Jason to get a well deserved bear of his own, he pounced on it. As is evidenced by that awesome photo that you see above. If anyone deserves some success, it has to be Jason.

He has been hitting the road weekly throughout the early goings of the hunting season. Not just hunting for the fun of it, either. Jason has been spending a bulk of his time helping veteran non-profits, filming hunts for vets, or making the hunting dreams of veterans come true. The consummate man of service.

Congrats to the 'Boss Man' on a Tennessee bear!

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