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  • Chris Campanelli

AOTV: Swhackin' and Stackin'

We're Swhackin' and Stackin' in our latest AOTV visual installment over at!

When our friends here at MPTV and their great partners over at Swhacker Broadheads sent a fresh shipment of swag and hardware, it called for some arrow slinging! We locked on the new Swhacker Razor 252 fixed-blade broadheads and dusted off the trusty Mathews Z7 Extreme.

I decided to dedicate the Mathews setup to shooting the brand-new Razor 252's. Looking for ultimate precision out of Swhacker's new fixed-blade head. Early returns suggest that precision should not be hard to attain.

Follow along as I take you through the very first shots with the Swhacker Razor 252 broadheads out of the old Mathews! We do plenty of yakking in between all of the shooting.

#AOTV #AffiliatedOutdoors #SwhackerBroadheads #SwhackerRazor252 #MathewsArchery

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