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Mass Pursuit TV is Holding an OtterBox Cooler Raffle!

So you say that you want the toughest and highest quality cooler in the game? Well, we're about to give you a chance at it. All it takes is a small entry fee into our latest raffle. All to benefit our ongoing support of veterans organizations and non-profits.

We're putting an OtterBox Venture 65 cooler up for grabs. The Venture 65 is the top-dog in OtterBox's stellar cooler lineup. The largest and most robust model that they offer. If you saw the review our friends at Affiliated Outdoors did on the slightly smaller Venture 45, you will see exactly why the OtterBox Venture series is the official hard-sided cooler of MPTV.

By now you are probably itching for the details, so let's get to it. This is a simple, straightforward raffle with incredible odds for those who enter. We're only offering 40 entries. One entry will run you just $20, and you can double your odds with two entries for just $35!

We're going to make it super easy on you by dropping the exclusive Facebook post that you need to enter on. You just have to comment on the post with your name and your preferred numbers for entry, then send your payment via PayPal to

The raffle is still ongoing with plenty of spots available, but those remaining slots will surely fill up soon.

We're talking about a $350 cooler with a dry storage tray ($40 value) included! And MPTV will even cover the shipping to put it right on your doorstep! So long as you live within the United States.

This is truly a win-win-win situation for all. You get fantastic chances to win one of the hottest outdoor products of 2018, you get to support us in our ongoing efforts to support veterans organizations, and we get to give the gift of top-notch quality with the Venture 65.

With ice-keeping capabilities for over 14-days, the ability to withstand a grizzly attack and nearly endless options for customization, the OtterBox Venture series is the hottest cooler lineup of 2018.

Check out the official post below!

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