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Braggin' Board: Team Oklahoma Draws Blood Out West

Blood has officially been drawn by the MPTV family as we turn the calendar over from August to September. Mass Pursuit pro-staffers Cody Skaggs and Amber Leroux, better known as Team Oklahoma, got the job done while hunting the opening week of the fall season in Colorado.

Amber and Cody were on the hunt for a big bull elk, but western hunting tends to bring a lot of opportunities. Open seasons that overlap and give you the opportunity to turn a hunt for one species into a hunt for something else. Cody certainly took advantage of that opportunity, as he laid eyes on a nice mule deer buck in the distance.

As you may have noticed in the image above, the stalk ended well for Cody.

Cody had already let an arrow fly on a nice cow elk, but he was not satisfied with the shot placement. Being an ethical and smart hunter, Cody backed out and waited to track down his elk. In the process of backing out and giving his elk time, Cody laid eyes on a great mulie in the distance.

With nothing more than his Mathews Triax and a GoPro rolling to document it all, Cody pulled off the solo stalk and put a Black Eagle (arrow) and a Swhacker (broadhead) into a giant Colorado mulie that was still in full velvet!

Not to be blanked on that elk that we mentioned earlier, Cody continued his trip by picking up the blood trail the next morning. Thanks to the work of our favorite Swhacker Broadheads, he had a massive pile of fresh vension at the end of the blood trail.

Congratulations go out to Cody and Amber on yet another successful hunt! We have a very good feeling that this will not be the last Braggin' Board post that we feature Team Oklahoma within.

The fall season is young and blood has been drawn! The Braggin' Board series will follow all of the latest success stories from the Mass Pursuit TV family, so stay tuned week-to-week as we continue to lay it down throughout the season!

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