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Amber & Cody Join The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast

As the June 28th debut of Season 2 on the Pursuit Channel approaches, we're going all-in on spreading the good word about Mass Pursuit TV. When it was time to make an appearance on The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast, the official podcast of MPTV, we figured that it was time to send in the dynamic duo of Amber Leroux and Cody Skaggs.

Amber and Cody, better known as Team Oklahoma, are going to be very familiar faces as we work our way through Season 2 and into the future. They simply find action in the outdoors, regardless of what they pursue.

Team Oklahoma recently sat down for nearly two hours of outdoor talk with Affiliated Outdoors' Chris Campanelli. The show hits on everything from Amber and Cody's personal stories, deer hunting, turkey hunting, trapping, and bowfishing. The team also brings you up to date with some of MPTV's incredible partners as they set the table for June 28th.

The cool part about this podcast is that it's actually a simulcast version of the show, which means that there is video in addition to the audio typically found in a podcast. You will get to see Amber and Cody face-to-face as they show off some of their trophies and even give you a look at the Spyder Gravity Feeder.

This also means that you have no excuses for not catching this podcast! If you prefer to watch on YouTube, click HERE for the video version of the show. If you prefer to download the show and listen on iTunes, just click HERE to check out the AO Podcast's iTunes page.

Oh, and if you are SUPER lazy and would rather not do so much as leave this page that you are on currently, we provided a player with the full audio of the podcast below.


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