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  • Chris Campanelli

Dr. Grant Woods Joins the AO Podcast

As part of the ongoing partnership between Mass Pursuit TV and Affiliated Outdoors, we want to be sure to keep MPTV fans up to date on The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast. When we were lucky enough to secure an hour of time to have Dr. Grant Woods on the podcast, we definitely wanted to share that with our blog readers here at

If you are not familiar with Dr. Grant Woods, you should definitely tune in to his weekly web episodes over at GrowingDeer.TV. Simply put, Dr. Woods is one of the brightest minds in the hunting world, especially when it comes to deer hunting. Dr. Woods is a consulting biologist by trade and a deer hunter by passion. His knowledge of whitetails, their habitat, food plots, and hunting is second to none.

We sat down with Dr. Woods for nearly an hour of intriguing conversation on food plotting, deer, and habitat. It's a can't-miss episode of you love deer and deer hunting, so we want to provide it for you in the player below!

If you're an iTunes fan, you can listen to the Dr. Woods episode and subscribe to the podcast by clicking HERE. If you would rather watch on YouTube, go ahead and click HERE.

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