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This Week at MPTV

This Week at MPTV will serve as a week-to-week update of the most recent happenings at Mass Pursuit TV. Following social media posts, announcements, and plenty more!


Down South Hoggin'

Mass Pursuit TV co-host Jason Norris was back on the hunt over the last couple of weeks chasing hogs in Alabama. Jason teamed up with the great folks over at Down South Hoggers and Down & Dirty Hogger Outfitters to chase some swine in support of Whitetail Warrior Project, Inc. and Southeast Experience. There was way too much fun and action for one video, so Jason made two!

Get to Know Joe

As the launch of Season 2 approaches, MPTV will be releasing weekly showcases to help you get familiar with the crew. This week's feature was none other than MPTV Field Producer, Joe Mustafa! Joe is a jack-of-all-trades and one of the most interesting people you will find in the outdoor industry!

Drones and Puppies!

That may seem like an odd combo, but you will understand if you watch the video below. We're pumped up to have one of the finest drones on the market in our arsenal thanks to Joe Mustafa. Joe is a dynamo with his DJI Phantom 4 drone. The photos and videos to come will prove that. Oh, and we have puppies! Just watch to the end...

Bowfishing Madness!

MPTV pro-staffers Amber Leroux and Cody Skaggs knock down more than whitetails, coyotes, and turkeys. They're also deadly on the water! Just get a look at that monster gar!

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