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This Week at MPTV

This Week at MPTV will serve as a week-to-week update of the most recent happenings at Mass Pursuit TV. Following social media posts, announcements, and plenty more!


Team Oklahoma: Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Amber Leroux and Cody Skaggs are at it again... This time they're whacking giant gar while bow fishing! Another week, another successful trip for Team Oklahoma. We might have to just go ahead and give them their own section each week.

Truck Goodies from Wet Okole!

MPTV Co-Host Jason Norris was in for quite a treat when his Wet Okole seat covers arrived! The original Realtree pattern really puts the final touch on Jason's new Silverado. Those Wet Okole seat covers are a life saver when it comes to protecting your vehicle from dirty hunters!

The MPTV Crew Invades the Buckeye State

Last-minute hunt cancellations are right at the bottom of the list when it comes to a hunter's least favorite things. Due to an emergency with a property owner, Co-Host Jason Norris and Field Producer Joe Mustafa had to scramble after a planned hunt in Kentucky was scrapped. It was the perfect excuse for the guys to rendezvous with MPTV's official podcast and blog partner, Affiliated Outdoors. AO's Chris Campanelli hosted Jason and Joe for an incredibly fun weekend in the Ohio turkey woods.

MPTV Hits the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Any trip to Northeastern Ohio has to include a visit to the world-famous Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The crew spent some downtime touring the shrine dedicated to the best of the best in American football. It was nothing short of spectacular!

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