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This Week at MPTV

This Week at MPTV will serve as a week-to-week update of the most recent happenings at Mass Pursuit TV. Following social media posts, announcements, and plenty more!


MPTV is Going West!

Mass Pursuit TV is going west in search of another great pro-staff member! MPTV takes pride in bringing you action from across the United States. Our current pro-staff stretches across the East and Southeast, all the way into the upper-Midwest, and across the heartland. That leaves but one region left uncovered, and that would be the great West and Southwest regions of this beautiful country. If you pride yourself on western style hunting, please visit our contact page and let us know what you're all about! Also take a look at the video and post below for more details.

Team Oklahoma Keeps It Rolling!

We have a feeling that our weekly installments this spring will feature a lot of Team Oklahoma, MPTV pro-staffers Amber Leroux and Cody Skaggs. Amber and Cody are straight-up killers in the outdoors. They kept the positive momentum rolling with another beautiful Oklahoma turkey!

#ProStaff #Turkey #WesternHunting

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