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This Week at MPTV

This Week at MPTV will serve as a week-to-week update of the most recent happenings at Mass Pursuit TV. Following social media posts, announcements, and plenty more!


Wilbur Drops a Gobbler

MPTV host and owner Wilbur Ramos is on the board with a big Georgia turkey! Wilbur utilized his trusty Chattahoochee Game Calls to close the deal.

Jason Hunts with the Heroes in Alabama

MPTV co-host & COO Jason Norris is an American military hero in his own right. Jason is a combat veteran with over 20 years of service to our great nation. As such, doing great things for fellow military heroes is near and dear to Jason's heart. Teaming up with the great folks over at Southeast Experience, Jason was able to kick off his turkey season in Alabama running camera for military veterans.

FieldTorq Knives Partners with MPTV

FieldTorq Knives will be a game-changer at MPTV. Field dressing has never been easier than it is now. All thanks to FieldTorq's revolutionary design. The FieldTorq knives open game for field dressing like a zipper. The rounded edges and non-traditional knife design keep the hunter safe during field dressing and help to prevent the puncture of internal organs. Check them out at .

Buck Baits Partners with MPTV

Scent control and scent utilization are huge keys to successful hunting. You have to keep your game from smelling you while simultaneously giving them a familiar scent for attraction. Buck Baits will have MPTV covered, literally. With an array of cover scents and attractants, Buck Baits provides us with yet another deadly tool to help us fool those keen whitetail noses. Check them out at

Cody Skaggs Racks 'Em Up

MPTV pro staffer Cody Skaggs lit up the shed antler board in Oklahoma!

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