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Upload Your Hunt! MPTV Wants Your Best Outdoor Footage

Mass Pursuit TV wants YOU!

That's right. Mass Pursuit TV is looking for the best hunting and outdoor footage out there. If you film your hunting and outdoor adventures, we're opening up our platform to you.

One of the coolest features in the redesign of this very site by our buddies at StandOut Design, LLC. is the Video Upload page. The page and submission form is directly beneath the Video tab at the top of this webpage. Simply fill out the entry form, attach your video file, and you could be in line to be published by Mass Pursuit TV.

Through our competitive submission process we plan to find and publish the best footage we receive. The top submissions will receive a professional edit from MPTV on the front and back end of your hunt, a published video on our YouTube page, and an MPTV swag kit including a hat and shirt.

This is just another way that MPTV is reaching out to the outdoor community to offer new and exciting features that you can't get elsewhere.

Filming hunts and documenting outdoor adventures has become the thing to do in the modern outdoor era. Professionals and average outdoorsmen alike are taking to the outdoors with cameras in hand to document their adventures. Filming not only gives you another challenge to tackle and push yourself with. Filming also allows us to take those lifetime memories home to share with friends and family.

Filming also provides a unique opportunity for those outdoor enthusiasts with aspirations of getting their foot in the door of the hunting and outdoor industry. Documenting your camera and hunting skills has never been easier. With a YouTube account, a decent camera, and the skill of rolling solid footage during your outdoor adventures, you can essentially create a living portfolio that could be viewed by anyone in the industry. A simple hunt posted to YouTube could turn into the break of a lifetime if you aspire to join a Pro Staff, get sponsored by a company, or create your own outdoor media.

We live in truly incredible times for sharing video footage for the entire world to see. This is why we created the Video Upload page and made a point of sharing our platform with you. The possibilities are endless as to what we may receive and what you may have experienced afield with camera in hand. Making for must-see viewing and sharing for all to enjoy.

Plus, you never know who may get a glimpse of your footage should it be published and distributed. With a professionally edited video and your name and work out there for all to see, you never know what could happen.

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