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MPTV Joins The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast

If you have been following along with the recent happenings at Mass Pursuit TV, you know that we were on the scene at the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Archery Trade Association's annual expo is one of the largest gatherings of outdoorsmen and women in all of the world. One of the premier hunting and outdoor shows each year.

With thousands of people and hundreds of outdoor companies all descending upon Indianapolis, we had quite the hectic week and weekend. It was a busy and productive time. A time for us to connect with valuable partners and forge new relationships in the outdoor industry.

Amid all of the work and fun, the MPTV crew carved out some time to huddle around and join The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast to spread the word on what we have going on. Nearly 40 minutes of getting to know the MPTV team and getting the latest information as we kick off 2018.

Amber, Cody, Drew, Jason, and Wilbur join Affiliated Outdoors' Chris Campanelli in the second-ever episode of the AO Podcast. We cover everything from exciting new happenings out of the ATA Show, new products from our sponsors, and a little bit of getting to know the MPTV team.

The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast can be found in multiple formats via YouTube, iTunes, PodBean, and at

Episode 2 of the Affiliated Outdoors Podcast is posted below in YouTube video format.

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