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Welcome to the MPTV Blog!

In accordance with the launch of the revamped and redesigned, we are excited to introduce the MPTV blog. This section of the website will be your home for the written outreach of Mass Pursuit TV. We will be creating interesting blog posts, informational updates on the happenings at MPTV and with our sponsors, and posting some educational articles that will help us all become better in the outdoors.

At Mass Pursuit TV, we have always set out to Work Hard and Hunt Harder. It's our motto and the mantra that we live by as we pursue our outdoor passions. While we will always put our focus into making the best possible visual production for television, we understand the importance of reaching out across multiple platforms. This calls for creating written media, appearing on podcasts, and posting to social media.

One of the most popular communications platforms in the twenty-first century has been the blog. It's a place that a company can reach out and give their audience an extra glimpse into what they are all about. For MPTV, it will serve as yet another way that we can spread the good word on the outdoors while you anticipate new episodes and new seasons. It will keep you entertained, informed, and up-to-date with all things Mass Pursuit TV.

You can expect a seasonal flavor on the MPTV Blog. We believe that there are no off-seasons in the outdoors. So expect to see whatever happens to be in season coming your way in this section. At the same time, we will often look ahead with tips to get you ready for the seasons ahead and lessons that can be learned from seasons prior. This will also be a section of the site dedicated to whatever we think is cool and worthy of a quick read or watch.

It is our intention to post regularly and consistently engage in thoughtful articles, blogs, and informational releases. We encourage you to follow along regularly and engage in discussion with us via our social media accounts.


The Writer Behind the Blog

As the guy who will be helping to make a lot of the written content for MPTV, I wanted to take a small section of this initial post to introduce myself. My name is Chris Campanelli, and I will be helping the MPTV guys with this section of the site. I am a diehard hunter and gun enthusiast who loves to chase deer, turkeys, and predators in my home state of Ohio. I run my own media company that goes by Affiliated Outdoors. In association with Mass Pursuit TV, we have agreed to team up to create alternative media together and promote our brands. Wilbur, Jason, and the entire Pro-Staff will also be featured over at our site- So if you like what you see here, you can count on plenty of cool things like it happening between MPTV and Affiliated Outdoors on both platforms.

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